Catalyst Global are the originators of corporate team building. An award winning business, established over 25 years ago, which uses the power of intelligent game design to positively affect the culture of teams with lasting results.

About Catalyst Global

In 2014, 1725 Catalyst team building programs were run with 145,337 participants worldwide.  This success comes from:

Consistent high standards in product & delivery worldwide

Catalyst Global highly values the quality of their products and the professional manner in which they are sold and delivered to meet the unique needs of each client. Catalyst Global runs comprehensive, on-going training programs for its network partners to ensure excellence in the sale and delivery of Catalyst team building programs is maintained. The Catalyst Team Building Network partners share knowledge and best practice daily on an internal forum and, meet annually at zone and global conferences for face-to-face meetings.

Global Product Delivery

The Catalyst Team Building Network is now the largest in the world. With representatives in over 40 countries worldwide Catalyst has local knowledge and expertise in your region. So, whether you require a series of events across several regions, or a single event anywhere in the world, Catalyst team building can deliver it for you. Catalyst understands the needs of multinational organisations, delivering consistent programs across the world and with worldwide distribution offices, equipment and personnel, Catalyst can ensure products are delivered at a competitive price without compromising on standard.

Innovative Product Development

Catalyst Global create innovative, creative team building products through extensive research and development. Catalyst Global have a keen interest in current trends in motivational psychology and pay close attention to proven techniques for creating real change in corporations and apply this science to the development of their games. They constantly explore how they can utilise technology in the creation of their products.  With an ever growing product portfolio supported by some of the longest standing, tried and tested team building products, Catalyst team building is proud of their extensive range of clients who regularly turn to Catalyst to enhance the dynamics of their teams.

That is why Catalyst team building is the largest network of its kind delivering the very best in team building products at consistent standards across the globe.

Catalyst Team Buildingthe Catalyst for lasting change in organisations worldwide