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With an exclusive licence for Australia, BeChallenged offer Catalyst teambuilding activities in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and beyond.

At BeChallenged we believe that teamwork, effective communication, and leadership are the foundations of an effective team. We aim to design team building activities, team building games, and team building exercises that are tailored to the specific objectives of our clients and in doing so ensure a positive and rewarding experiential learning event that will have lasting benefits in the workplace.

Just for Fun Programs; Creative Team Programs; Business Focused Programs; Social Responsibility (CSR) Programs; Evening Events; Workshops and Icebreakers, we’ve got it all covered.

BeChallenged Teambuilding programs are designed for teams to learn, rejuvinate and have fun together on conference or company away day. These programs promote team building, networking, improved communication and learning new skills. Our Conference Energisers are professionally organised and come with a 100% fun guarantee.

Our team possesses a greatly diverse arrange of experiences, skills, knowledge and understanding of how teamwork and behavioural change can directly affect performance. We love what we do and are committed to ensuring that your next team-building event is enjoyable, challenging and constructive.