26 March 2015

A group of 36 participants from Microsoft in Ireland buzzed with excitement and joined together in laughs as they motored through tasks to create a model car for a drag strip finale.

Teams from Microsoft participated in a series of challenges putting team dynamics to the test in order to gain parts for their team's model car.  Utilising project planning skills, they constructed the car as a team and then drawing on their collective creative skills they designed and decorated banners and promotional materials to support and cheer on their team! The Microsoft team morale was extremely high as they enjoyed every minute of the tasks and challenges.

The teams lined up at the start and when the flags flew, the designated mechanics pumped air into the rocket forcing the car off the starting grid and down the track. Microsoft participants cheered their team on with cheer leaders, waving banners and flags!

A photo finish!!  But in the end, there could be only one winner and the car that traveled the furtherest and straightest down the track was declared the winner.