14 November 2014

It’s unusual to find independent team building companies talking openly to each other but here at Catalyst Global we excel in doing things differently. The recent Asia zone meeting in Bangkok was testimony to this difference; creating a trusting environment for Asia-based teambuilding businesses to share best practice.

Twenty-six of Asia’s most influential teambuilding thinkers came together to learn from one another, explore opportunities and realise their collective strengths. Held in Bangkok, Catalyst Global Asia Zone 2014, was attended by people from 12 countries including BeChallenged Team Building Australia & New Zealand; Acewood China; D'frensIndia; Asia Ability Creative Team Building Singapore & Malaysia; Team Building Asia Hong Kong; Singapore and Work Happiness Japan and from outside the Asia Zone were Biz-group, passionate about performance UAE and Bluehat Group UK.

Approaching the market with a Collective Vision

The morning session commenced with discussing and sharing the Catalyst Global vision and from this foundation moving onto an analysis of characteristics and changes in the teambuilding market from the perspective of regional differences and similarities.  Each region presented insights on their regionally bespoke sales & marketing techniques giving opportunity for businesses to learn from each other.  The session culminated in brainstorming ideas for collaboratively meeting the needs of the Asian teambuilding market collectively as the Catalyst Global teambuilding group.

A sumptuous Thai lunch was followed by sessions on Catalyst Global internal systems including cloud file share, reporting system and forum.  A brief session on digital marketing initiatives was support with one-on-one sessions between the Catalyst Global marketing team and heads from each region.

As the heat sizzled out of the Bangkok sun, Catalyst Global Asia Zone partners enjoyed participating in demonstrations of two new CSR focused Catalyst Global teambuilding activities Horses For Causes and Whisky Wisdom.

Reflections of the day

I just love these events, it’s a chance to switch off from day to day concerns and focus on how the group can help each other. We’ve had some great success with a CSR teambuilding activity called Hole In One recently. Intimate meetings like this give us a platform to explain how clients have benefited from these games and prepare other Catalyst to sell them in their respective regions.

Stuart Harris Director Teambuilding Asia Hong Kong

The timing of this meeting has been incredible, only last week we received a brief from Cisco requesting d'frens to co-ordinate a series of teambuilding events across 5 locations in Asia, having assured ground support from the Catalyst community enables us to offer a cost effective solutions. The guys in this room are the best right? That's so important because we need the confidence that the events beyond India will be delivered to a consistent quality. Luckily Japan is on Cisco's list and the Happiness at Work team have just joined, no doubt I’ll be talking closely with them over lunch.

Srikanth Murthy Director d’frens India

Go Team!  Tablet Treasure Hunt

With a massive increase in sales of tablet treasure hunts and adventure races sales across Asia, Catalyst Global’s Go Team application was a hot topic of conversation.  Catalyst Global Asia Zone teambuilding companies devoted the following morning to a Go Team! session in which they learnt about new features and applications to utilise the technology as an engagement tool beyond the already enormously popular city teambulding treasure hunt challenges.