9 June 2016

Catalyst Global continue to march forward further into Europe. Hot on the heels of our recent partnership in Czech Republic comes a strategic alliance with Polish team building professionals ExProfesso.

Found in 2003 ExProfesso have a wealth of experience and creativity when it comes to designing simulation games and role-play experiences. The Catalyst community is founded on the principles of collaboration and shared knowledge. We’re every excited about the ‘gameplay insight’ that ExProfesso will contribute to the network.

Why Catalyst?

“There is always a need to be innovative, to surprise our Clients with “something new”, with “something fresh” – we are constantly searching for new ideas and we are always insatiable in this field – the same like our clients;) That is why we strongly believe in the sense of Catalyst Global team building network. And we are so excited to cooperate with all of you!”

Monika Dymacz (ExProfesso Director)

The Future of teambuilding in Poland?

Having spent some value time with the Polish team I know that like other partners in the Catalyst Global team building network they are inspired by of culture, science, sport and human endeavour. Like is they have adopted a ‘Millennial’ approach when designing team building activities. We’re really excited that ‘life hacking’ games like Fresh Biz, Beat Box and Big Picture are now available in Poland “

Mark Davenport, Catalyst Global Director

If you are looking for a trusted partner to strengthen the effectiveness of your team in Poland please be sure to talk through your brief with ExProfesso.