1 October 2014

Bluehat Group, Catalyst Teambuilding partner in the UK, have expanded their operations into the USA.

Bluehat Group is proud to announce today, October 1st 2014, that we will be continuing to fly the American Flag on behalf of Catalyst Global in Alexandria, Virginia. We would like to thank Jim Waller, President of Catalyst Events (USA), for handing over the reigns of the US operation to us at Bluehat Group and we look forward to flying the flag high. We wish Jim well in his retirement.

Catalyst Group has a well established network in USA and we will lead the way for many exciting events to come across the continent. We welcome Katie Kaiser to the Bluehat team as Head of Operations (USA) and we know that she will lead the growth of the business as we build a team which is stronger than ever.

Tim Shepley, Managing Director of Bluehat Group

This is a super exciting development for me and for everyone. Jim’s love of gardening and bicycling will no doubt keep him busy and we will miss his extensive experience, support and adventurous nature. I am delighted that Bluehat have agreed to head up Catalyst USA and achieve the same success as Bluehat Group have done in the UK. We will truly be the most innovative global specialists in the US market!

Katie Kaiser, Head of Operations (USA) Bluehat Group

You can see more about the strength of the partnership at www.catalystevents.com and www.bluehatgroup.co.uk