3 January 2013

We start the year with some great news: on Christmas Eve Dec 2012 teambuilding company Agentūra ŪPAS signed an exclusive agreement to deliver Catalyst Teambuilding activities in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

With 5 years experience in the teambuilding market and an extensive list of corporate clients, Agentūra ŪPAS (featured above) are the perfect partner for us to realise the potential in this market. We work hard to find the right ‘people fit’ when it comes to establishing new partnerships and developing our highly networked community of teambuilding professionals around the globe. The fun-loving team at Agentūra ŪPAS will certainly add great value to the Catalyst culture.

Over the past few years we’ve established ourselves as the premier teambuilding operator in Lithuania, having already developed an extensive portfolio of team building activities we want to maintain our reputation. By partnering with Catalyst we can now instantly offer our clients even more choice and variety of unique teambuilding solutions and stay at the top of our game. Catalyst look after the product development and we focus on sales and delivery.

The Baltic region is seeing a dramatic increase in inbound incentive business, and these inbound clients have high expectations in terms of teambuilding experiences. Catalyst are renowned for quality and innovation when it comes to designing team games and we have the professional edge when it comes to delivery, together we are a winning team!

Darius Lomsargis director of Agentūra ŪPAS

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